A sustainable year-round economy starts with two of Cape Cod’s most reliable industries: healthcare and education. I believe that the Cape needs to be recognized by the state as a year-round community. We have over 250,000 year-round residents that depend on local businesses and services 12 months out of the year, not 6.

To create an economy that will drive more than 40% of Cape businesses to operate year-round, we need demand to push supply. I propose exploring a potential merger between Cape Cod Community College and an off-Cape university. Bringing in a nationally accredited college that attracts students from all over the world to mesh with our well-established community college would be a victory for Cape Cod. It would help from a marketing standpoint and put Cape Cod on the map for students seeking an education in a desirable location. We could build out programs that take advantage of our natural resources, such as the marine industry, and foster small businesses to create a local hub for startups. My plan includes constructing dormitories to house students year-round. The Massachusetts Board of Higher education gave this a verbal ok over a decade ago when the college was considering on-campus housing, and revisiting this option could have real benefits, including increasing the off-season population in one of our most commercially fertile areas. The hope is that this will have a ripple effect, with increased demand for businesses to stay open creating jobs and bringing sustainable economic stimulation. As a further measure, I would push for small companies over their first three years of business to receive credits to lower their taxes, providing opportunity for new ventures to establish themselves.

I would also like to propose pushing the partnership between Cape Cod healthcare and Brigham and Women’s hospital further. I believe in making Cape Cod Hospital a teaching hospital. We could interconnect a medical program between our local college, Brigham and Women’s, and the Cape Cod Healthcare system. Young residents working with our already excellent doctors, nurses, and technicians would bring an infusion of hungry, bright young minds into our system and a new vision to the table.