I was obsessed with movies as a kid. I practically lived at the Cape Cinema from the time I could
go by myself, and it was one of my first jobs. Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones were my
childhood idols. I wanted to be the hero that swooped in, solved the riddles, and saved the day.
It was the 80s, and it captured a little boy’s heart. Good guys won, doing the right thing got you
the girl, and everything worked out the way it was supposed to. I went to school in New York,
studied film and moved to Los Angeles, and it went well. Like so many others, though, I lost my
job in the aftermath of the 2008 economic collapse. Loathe to give up the Hollywood dream, I
spent a year working odd jobs to cover my rent while putting the rest of my life on credit cards
and forbore my student loans, in hopes that things would get better. And, like every kid with a
pipe dream and stars in his eyes, reality eventually settled in. I struggled just to get by, before
returning home to get back on my feet. I was forced to file for bankruptcy, something I had
never imagined for myself, at the age of 29. And when I finally decided to settle on Cape Cod
for good in 2014, I noticed that the Cape just didn’t look and feel the same as when I was a
child. Brick and mortar businesses were folding, the youth population had declined, people I
grew up with were succumbing to the drug crisis, and the education system that provided me
with a promising future was crumbling before my eyes.

My parents taught me that in life, politics is at the foundation of everything. I know firsthand how
hard it is to get by right now. Life is supposed to be challenging, but what is the point of politics if
not to try to make it a little easier? My goal, in life and in politics, is to follow my heart and my
head with everything I do.

We can only attempt to hold the system accountable for so long from the outside. To create
systemic change, we must alter the type of people we elect. It’s time for something profoundly
new, both for myself and for Cape Cod. I am running for State Representative this year in the
First Barnstable district, the district I grew up in, because I am troubled that the next generations
will not have the same opportunities that I had as a child on Cape Cod. We need big and bold
ideas to both preserve and progress here on Cape.

Over the next few months I’m going to talk your ear off about issues. I want to be part of the
change that governs by data and facts, rather than the status quo. Our healthcare system is
predatory and inhumane, our public schools dramatically underfunded. Our infrastructure is
dated and unaccommodating, especially in winter, the cable and broadband system inadequate
for what residents pay. Senior care and protections are anemic, and the medical emergency that
is the opioid crisis is being outrageously mishandled. Rather than treating addiction, we’ve
criminalized it, and in so doing cut off help to the members of our community who need it most.
Most of all, I believe we need to build a year-round, self-sustainable economy here on Cape

Money makes cowards of politicians, and the lack of initiative and imagination in our legislature
is disturbing. It’s time to hold power to account. I do not have political ties, I’m not an insider. I
have no special interests or hidden agendas, I will not play partisan politics, and I will
support the best ideas no matter which side of the aisle they come from. This campaign will be
about telling the truth and representing the people who have been silenced. I will be a conduit
and a voice for the First Barnstable District, return power over the community back to the
community, and take a stand on the issues that matter. This will be a very different kind of
campaign, this is a campaign by community.

Through my weekly blogs, I hope to shed some light on this opaque process for my readers.
What is it like to run for office? What don’t candidates tell you? What’s topical and
on my mind? Too many politicians are afraid of taking risks or having an ounce of personality. I
will not be that kind of candidate, and I invite you to embark on this journey with me.

Thank you for your support.